Why Move To Colorado Springs? Top 10 Reasons!

If you are looking to move to a city that is picture perfect, has beautiful views and amazing weather – Colorado Springs can offer you just that and so much more as it is truly one of a kind. With a lot of smaller neighborhoods that are fun, vibrant, unique and offer a strong sense of community, you will find the perfect mix of urban and suburban with everything you could possibly need just at the tips of your fingers. Living here means that you will also be close to Denver, which is another big perk of living in Colorado Springs. Only an hour’s drive away, you will get to Denver in no time at all, even though you might not feel the need to leave Colorado Springs at all at times. Need more reasons to move to Colorado Springs? Check our top 10 reasons below!

Affordable real estate

If you are looking for more affordable housing where you will be able to get more bang for your buck – Colorado Springs takes the win. Being more affordable than most parts of the state is why a lot of people choose to live here and invest in this rapidly-growing community. People that work in Denver or commute there every day choose to live in Colorado Springs due to its convenience and close proximity to the city.

Perfect for families

A lot of families with children are relocating here – partly due to the affordable housing, partly due to the fact that Colorado Springs is a more suburban option that is close to Denver, and on top of that – offers a lot of family friendly amenities for families to choose from. The strong sense of community here also adds to its quaint atmosphere that is very attractive to families.

Tight-knit community

Not only is the strong sense of community attractive to families, but to everyone looking to live in a city with city amenities while still maintaining a tranquil, suburban feel. Colorado Springs is an extremely safe city with so much to do – with annual festivals, music events, farmers markets and more.

Great Education

As this area is popular among families due to the affordable housing and tight-knit community, that isn’t the end. The school system is one of the best in the entire region, meaning that parents will be comfortable knowing that their kids are receiving exceptional education. Scoring above average on tests every year, and amazing preparation for college during high school makes the schools in Colorado Springs quite unbeatable.

Food and Fun

You will never experience shortage of bars, eateries and cafés, and you even have the opportunity to dine with an exquisite view of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With a large selection of cuisines to choose from, Colorado Springs has eateries to satisfy everyone’s taste palette. With vegan and vegetarian options offered around the city as well – you truly won’t have trouble finding the perfect place to grab a bite.


If you want to spend time strolling around town, you will easily catch a glimpse of numerous historic sites and important landmarks scattered around – and this is exactly what attracts so many visitors annually to this beautiful city. One of the most important landmarks in Colorado Springs is the Garden of the Gods, where you can catch some of the best views and experience amazing hiking trails.

Pet-Friendly City

The entire city is pet friendly, perfect for people who want to move here with their four-legged friends. You won’t ever have to worry about bringing them anywhere, as you will find a lot of dog parks, pet-friendly trails and recreational spaces for you to freely spend time with them.

Laid back atmosphere

If you want extreme comfort wherever you are going – Colorado Springs is the perfect place to relocate to. Regardless of where residents are going –  hiking, fishing or to work – everyone dresses casually as most people value comfort over anything else. Somehow, this describes the entire city itself – and how much fun you can be having while being at complete peace at the same time. Colorado Springs is truly unique.

High Quality of Life

The quality of life in Colorado Springs is very high. Amazing weather during the entire year provides residents with a lot of opportunities to spend time outdoors. Most residents are very active, making biking, running and hiking popular activities to partake in on a daily basis. This city is also considered to be one of the cleanest ones, with the cleanest air as well. What’s not to love about this happy city?

Healthy Lifestyle

Colorado Springs is ranked among the top 50 healthiest cities in the nation, making it one of the best places to live and move to with your family. With abundant parks and recreational opportunities around every corner – you will have ease when leading a healthy lifestyle – as this is something Colorado as a state in general places a lot of value in. 

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