Top 15 Moving Tips

Need help to make your move easier than ever? Check out our top 15 moving tips below!

Tips for moving companies:

1.      Research different moving companies

Requesting at least 3 moving quotes from different movers can be a good way to find out what different companies are offering – as you want to get the best deal for your money of course. Always make sure that the moving companies you are calling and potentially going to hire are licensed and insured – you want to avoid scams.

2.      Move on a random date

If you want to save some money during the moving process, choose a random date to move on. Most moving companies charge more during the summer when it is moving season, during weekends, and during the beginning or end of the month. Picking a random date to move on can result in a lot of saved money on your behalf which can be a good thing if you are moving on a budget.

3.      Reserve your movers ahead of time

Calling your movers at least four weeks in advance is the best time to let them know about the fact that you have set your mind and want to hire them for your relocation. Especially during moving season, most moving companies tend to get booked quickly, so be fast and think ahead! If you are moving on short notice, don’t worry – you might still be able to find a spot with your movers nonetheless!

Tips for packing:

4.      Declutter your home

The perfect time to do this is now. You are already going through everything you own, so why not use this to your advantage and get rid of your unwanted items? You could either donate or sell the items that can be of use to someone, and selling your items can even help you fund your move – which can help you save some money as well.

5.      Packing supplies

Score free boxes at your local bookstore or liquor store. Check your local recycling drop off points for some free boxes too. Always make sure that they are in good condition as you don’t want them falling apart during your relocation.

6.      If you run out of boxes…

Use what you have around your home! Plastic containers, laundry bins, baskets, suitcases, bags – you name it! Pack your non-fragile items here and save money that you would spend on purchasing more boxes. However, make sure that your most important items are always properly packed and secure.

7.      If bubble wrap is too expensive…

Do the same for padding materials! Newspaper, pillowcases, blankets – anything you might be having around your home that can be good for cushioning between your fragile items and filling up your boxes – use it! You have to pack these items anyway, right?

8.      List of items

You need to make a list of items. This is absolutely vital to your move. Keeping track of your items as your movers are moving them, loading their truck and unloading them is key if you don’t want to lose your items during the moving process. It will be much easier for you and your movers when you have a list of items made – so make sure to provide them with it as well.

9.      Label your boxes

Label your boxes by color, number, room – whatever floats your boat. Make sure to always write the contents of the boxes down as well as you want to easily track whatever you need once you are finished with your move – and during the process too. Having a detailed description of your boxes can be a life saver in the long run.

10.    Put your boxes together

Instead of having your movers go up and down stairs each time to grab a new box, lose time and have this result in a more costly move for you – simply place your boxes in a designated area where they can have easy access to them and load their truck more efficiently.

Moving tips:

11.   Pack water and snacks

You and your movers will be tired from the moving process, so having some bottles of water and snacks on hand is something you and your movers will be extremely thankful for!

12.   Cancel your utilities

It is common that people forget these tasks as they are seemingly so simple – but so important. Find out when you need to cancel your utilities in your old home and set them up in your new home.

13.   Change your address

You don’t want to have to pay someone else’s bills – right? Make sure to transfer your records and change your address everywhere – even your online subscriptions!

14.   Have some money on hand to tip your movers

Most moving companies don’t obligate you to do this – but it is a part of our general culture and an overall nice thing to do. Tip your movers for a job well done – and make sure to always have some extra cash on hand just in case.

15.   Settle into your new home with a smile on your face!

Your move is done and you are finally home – congratulations! It’s time to start the new chapter of your life. Moving is exhausting, but well worth it. Don’t worry too much and relax – your new beginning is just around the corner!

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